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Measles Mumps & Rubella (MMR)

The MMR vaccine is a combined vaccine that provides protection against measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) – which are all highly infectious diseases. They all possess potential health complications and can be fatal for children and adults, this is why vaccination is so important.

Measles, mumps and rubella were extremely common before the vaccine was introduced in 1988. Since the vaccine rollout, rates of infection have dropped dramatically, however, there are still breakouts among unvaccinated people and it remains important for children to continue to be vaccinated.

How many doses of the MMR is required?

2 doses of the MMR vaccine at least 4 weeks apart are required for full protection.

How effective is the vaccine?

After a full course, the MMR vaccine is highly effective in protecting against measles, mumps and rubella.

It is 99% effective against measles and rubella and 88% effective against mumps.

Those who are vaccinated and still catch mumps are more likely to develop mild symptoms and much less likely to be hospitalised.

The MMR vaccine is a live vaccine that protects against measles, mumps and rubella. The body responds to the vaccine by producing antibodies which will help the body fight off any potential future infection for any of the diseases.  Patients must be at least 12 months of age to receive the vaccine with us.

Once a full vaccination course is completed, no further booster vaccinations are required. You will be considered to have lifelong immunity. For those requiring proof of immunity for work-purposes, without proof of vaccination, it may be suitable to offer a single vaccination to those who are certain they have had the full course.

Measles Mumps & Rubella (MMR)